How to Check EPF Balance through Missed Call?

It is very necessary to check your PF balance from time to time. This is now made possible with the help of UAN. There are a number of ways you can check your EPF Balance with. But the method of checking the EPF Balance through missed call is given as under:

Steps to check balance through Missed Call

Miss call

  • From your registered mobile number, call up on 011-22 90 14 06.
  • Soon after you will receive a text on your number from AM-EPFOHO which would have the following details:
  • UAN number
  • PF Number
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • PF Balance
  • Last contribution

What do you need to Check EPF Balance through Missed Call?

To know your EPF balance through the missed call service, you must fulfill the below mentioned conditions.

  • You must have the UAN
  • Your UAN must be activated.
  • You must give the correct mobile number at the UAN portal. In case you are using the mobile number you registered yourselves with now, you must change the mobile number first in UAN first.
  • You must call from the registered contact number which is present at UAN portal’s database.
  • Your UAN must be linked with the PAN Card/ Adhaar number/Bank Account.

What happens when you give a missed call?

  • When you give a missed call at the mentioned number, you will catch two rings and the phone gets disconnected automatically.
  • You would then receive an alert or SMS on your phone which would have the details related to your PF.

How does the process of Checking EPF Balance through missed call work?

  • At the time of UAN Activation, when the members give their mobile number, it gets connected to UAN.
  • The UAN database already has your PAN Card/ Bank Account details/Aadhaar number and therefore it is considered as the authorized and activated UAN.
  • The UAN member portal preserves all the data about the member contributing the PF.
  • When they give a missed call to the EPFO from their registered mobile number, their mobile number which is registered with the UAN database gets fetched and the information about your account is tracked and sent to you as an SMS to the individual mobile number.

Why do people prefer missed call?

The missed call service to find out the EPF balance is by far the easiest for everyone and undoubtedly is considered much better than SMS or the mobile app. The multiple reasons why people prefer missed call over SMS or mobile app are listed below:

  • You don’t require a smartphone to utilize the missed call service as calling is not app-based service therefore any phone can be used to know the EPF balance.
  • Having a mobile app for just finding out the EPF Balance is not really recommended as downloading the app may utilize space and data on the phone.
  • Making a call is much easier as compared to sending an SMS and this is especially a benefit for people who are not mobile-phone friendly.
  • There is no money required to use this service.

Things to remember

  • Members will have to get in touch with the employer in case their organization is Private Trust.
  • At the time of activating UAN, the members have to give their mobile number. An individual UAN can have only one individual mobile number, so the members must ensure that they have not registered using this number earlier.
  • Also, the members must ensure that they do not change their number. In event of changing the mobile number, the new one needs to be updated on the UAN site.
  • At times the missed call service may not work. So you can then use the alternative methods such as SMS or mobile App.
  • In case your UAN doesn’t have your details, you can either complete them yourselves or ask your employer for the same.