EPF KYC Update – How to update EPF KYC details in UAN Online?

Last updated on March 2nd, 2018 at 07:17 pm

Universal Account number is a big leap by EPFO as it has shifted all the services of EPF online and also made is so user friendly that the lives of the employee and the employer has become easier. This system is quite efficient as you can easily find out your PF balance and it also facilitates submission of online claim along with transferring the past PF corpus to the new account.

KYC is an important part of UAN now and this KYC or the Know Your Customer is important as it ensures proper verification of the documents of the individual along with his residential details. It is very easy to update the KYC in the UAN portal and it is now made a mandate by the EPFO as well. The KYC Documents are as under:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Bank Account Details (Account Number, IFSC Code and Branch name)
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID Card
  • Passport
  • Ration card and
  • National Population register
  • ESIC Card

Updating KYC in the system is important as it helps in transferring and withdrawing of funds very easier and quicker. As a matter of fact, you can now claim you PF amount with the help of your bank account details.

The process to update the EPF KYC Details in UAN online is as under:

Follow the below mentioned steps to upload the KYC details on the UAN portal online:

Step 1: Enter your credentials (UAN Number, Password and Captcha code) on the official UAN portal – https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ and “sign in”

EPF KYC Update 1


Step 2: On the front page, hit “Manage” located on the top and then click “KYC” from the drop down list.

EPF KYC Update 2



Step 3: After the KYC page opens, you will find a KYC list and you can now choose the KYC details and information that you want to update in the system. You would be required to fill in the details highlighted in red, and for availing the benefits of online withdrawal and now click and “save”.

EPF KYC Update 3

After the details are being saved, the data is automatically reflected in the EPF portal of the employer and they can approve the same with the help of digital signatures of the authorized signatory.

Step 4: After you update your KYC details, the KYC status will be displayed as “pending” until the same gets authenticated by the present company. After the same gets approved and authenticated the confirmation SMS of the same shall be received on your registered mobile number.

The employee can directly approach the HR department to get the approval on KYC. He needs to submit the application along with the PAN Card copy, Aadhar Card Copy and a cancelled cheque. And also obtain a receipt of the same from the HR. This helps later in case the employer doesn’t approve the KYC.

Please remember that if your Aadhaar card is linked to your UAN, only then you can initiate the online claim process. Also, if the employee has been member of the EPF for less than 5 years of uninterrupted duration, the corpus at the time of maturity would be taxable so PAN card would be required as KYC.

  • In case the member doesn’t want to update a particular the KYC details, they can withdraw the KYC process
  • They can simply click on the “X” sign which is seen against the document mentioned.
  • It is not verified by the EPFO.
  • The details of the remaining KYC are then authenticated by the PF department or on the basis of the data from the concerned department.
  • After the details match with each other, the documents are marked verified.

Before feeding in the KYC Details, make sure that your UAN is activated. One must obtain the UAN number from the employer to activate the same. The refresher on the process to activate UAN is as under:

  • On the official website of EPF – unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in
  • Fill in the details as required such as UAN Number, Name of the member, DOB, and the Captcha code. (Ensure that the fields marked as mandatory must not be blank and the contact number provided is the one used at the time of registration.)
  • Click on the “Get Authorization Pin” and now enter the PIN or the OTP which you shall receive on the mobile number. Click on “I Agree” and now your UAN will be activated, after you choose the password and make a final submission.

What are the advantages of activating the Universal Account number and feeding the KYC on the PF portal?

It is very easy for the member to feed in the KYC details on the PF portal and he can do it on his own. The many benefits of the same are:

  • Online withdrawal of PFThe employee does not need to visit or wait or even interact with the employer to get the signature of the authorized signatory.
  • No further documentation required – If you have successfully fed in your KYC details in the online PF portal and the same is subsequently approved from the employer, you would not need to indulge in the tiring process of EPF documentation.
  • Advance activation of UAN – The employee has to activate the UAN if he want to feed in the KYC details or withdraw the corpus. You can only feed in the details after you have activated the UAN. Therefore an employee must make sure that UAN is activated.
  • PF Passbook – One of the many advantages of UAN activation are that an employee can check out his/her PF passbook along with the monthly contribution of PF.
  • Online transfer of PF – The employees can easily transfer their PF account from one company to the other. But the employee must activate UAN and also share the UAN with the present company beforehand to avoid any further duplication of UAN.

What are the various advantages of updating the KYC Details?

  • If the KYC is seeded with UAN, only then the online claim of withdrawal can be processed
  • It ensures smooth and efficient transition between old and new PF accounts
  • Employee can receive SMS alerts regarding their monthly PF after they have activated the UAN with KYC.

What to do if the employer is not approving the KYC?

The following steps can be initiated if the employer is not approving the KYC of the employee:

  1. File a Right to Information (RTI) through an expert to the EPF Authority along with all the relevant information and get the reason of the delay in verification.
  2. Raise a grievance on the website of EPF – http://epfigms.gov.in/. But this can only be done if the employee has received the UAN number from the employer and has activated the same.
  3. Directly approach the employer or the HR of the company. If that also doesn’t help, the employee can escalate the matter to the higher members of the hierarchy.

Frequently asked questions 

Is it compulsory to update these KYC details in the UAN? 

No it is not compulsory but they are helpful in case you want a quick processing of your claim. Also you can get regular SMS alerts regarding your PF Contribution in case your KYC is updated. 

Can the employee upload the KYC documents on the portal directly? 

It is important to authenticate the KYC documents and that can be done via self-attestation. So if the members are getting the photocopies of the documents scanned to be uploaded, they must attest them on their own. Also ensure that you check the expiration date on the Driver’s license and the Passport as it is also very important. One cannot upload the documents which are expired.

How much time does it takes to change the status of approval?

The employer has to approve/decline the KYC details as uploaded by the employee so for that they need the digital signature of the authorized signatory in order to authenticate your KYC. At the max, the system should take something between 48-72 hours to change the status of approval. The authorities will verify the information as furnished by you and authenticated by your employer.

How will the members come to know that the KYC details uploaded by them are approved or declined by the employer? 

The status of the same is shown in the website on the same page against the uploaded KYC document. You will also receive an alert on your phone as and when it shall get approved. You can also get in touch with the Helpdesk for any further information.

The helpdesk number is 1800 118 005

The email id of the helpdesk is – uanepf@epfindia.gov.in


The EPF members will benefit greatly from the facility being provided by the EPF in terms of updating the KYC on UAN portal of EPF. This shall benefit the employer as well as he can also save his time and energy. The minimal interaction between the employee and the employer ensures that the delays related to the PF withdrawal could be avoided as the approval by the employers in the KYC makes it easy for the employee to process the withdrawal or transfer process of his PF corpus.