Generating Your UAN Yourself – Killing the Dependency on Employer

Earlier, it was the employer who used to generate the UAN number for the employee. The process was lengthy and many times, the process was delayed mainly because of the employer. The government decided to kill this dependency by enabling the employee to generate his own UAN without any dependency on anyone.

If you are planning to join a job then you can simply create your UAN and give it to the employer while joining. The process is really easy and there are certain pre-requisites of the process. Here are the details

Pre-Requisites of Generating UAN Number

The person who wants to generate the UAN number must have a valid Aadhaar number and the mobile number must be linked to Aadhaar number as the user will receive an OTP on Aadhaar linked mobile number during the process.

Steps to Generate UAN

To generate the UAN number, simply follow the process mentioned below.

  • You can start the process by going to the member’s portal of EPFO. The link to the portal is mentioned below

Link –

  • Now on the left hand side, at the bottom of the page, you will notice that there is a link to Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment. Click on the link and a new page will now be displayed.
  • On this new page, you need to enter the Aadhaar number and this will trigger an OTP request. Enter the OTP in the designated area on the next page.
  • After the OTP authentication, the details will be fetched from the UIDAI system and all you have to do is that you have to click on Obtain Your UAN Button.

As you click on the Obtain Your UAN button, you will receive your UAN on your mobile number. You can now activate your UAN and modify the details if required.