Privacy Policy

Last updated on June 15th, 2018 at 03:45 am respects its users and their privacy by all possible means and protects it at all costs. We are aimed to provide better service, rich content, and detailed insight to each and every user.

Personal Information

EPFO UAN Login provides better services in all forms and we don’t distribute and sell your private information to any party except your public info that is given by you. We understand the consequences of mail spam and we always try to protect every email by all possible means.

All the information shared by you during the registration process of saved by your browser is collected by our website. If you want, you may not publish any data from your end.


Cookies are used to provide more smooth and responsive experience to our users. Cookies are the pieces of information stored in the browser of your computer. These log files are used to remember user and other information on our website to provide better browsing experience. Keep in mind that cookies are not harmful to your browser or your computer in any case.


We reserve the right to use any third party advertisement sources. We try to provide only good and useful ads on our website. We ensure that these ads won’t cause any harm to the readers. If you have any issue, you may revert back to us.