Warning: Do not Use Third Party Applications to Check PF Details

Most of us like to stay updated with the EPF balance in our account. A lot of people also check the details of the interest credited in account along with the deposits on a monthly basis. This is certainly a good practice and we should keep a track of the investments.

Mobile application makes it much easier to track the balance and the requests that you put in but do you know that most of the applications available on Google Play Store are third-party applications?

This is right, all the application that you may have downloaded on your phone to check the details are third party apps and they are highly insecure. The risk of using the application is mentioned below

  • For these applications, you are the customer and hence the applications are earning from you by showing you advertisements or by trying to cross-sell the products. These financial products may be insecure.
  • The applications are also able to access your data on the phone. This includes your SMS, call history, and even the location data which results in your privacy going for a toss.
  • The application may also sell your data or leak your data to someone else and hence put you in a vulnerable situation.
  • In some rare situations, the data may also be misused to put in a transfer or withdrawal request with criminal intentions and you may end up losing your corpus.

What should you do to deal with the issue?

To deal with this threat, you can immediately uninstall all these third-party applications. It is best to use the UMANG application to check the details of your PF account as this is the only official government application. Apart from this, you can restrict the activities to online EPFO portal as this website is a secure way to check your balance and put in the request for transfers and other such issues.